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Engagement rings are usually a surprise, but wedding jewellery is almost always bought in between the proposal and the big day so it is possible to shop as a couple. For most it’s the first major purchase they’ll make together and that is sometimes not as easy as it might seem. It can and should be a wonderful bonding experience but there are pitfalls for the unwary.


It’s always a good idea to discuss budget before coming to Hatton Garden or your chosen jewellery store. Talk through what you can afford, taking into account your earnings and savings, but also remembering that a wedding ring is for life. It should be the most significant gift you’ll ever buy and an heirloom to pass down to your daughter and granddaughter. While the ring isn’t the statement of a groom’s ability to provide for a wife and family as it once was, it’s still something that should be considered a major investment.


Remember that you’re buying two rings. Men’s wedding bands don’t have to be plain and unadorned any more. While they tend to be less ornate than women’s rings, there is still plenty of scope for design and plenty of decisions to be made. Matching his and hers sets are an option, but they aren’t a necessity. Like the pair of you, the rings should be complimentary rather than identical.


Allow plenty of time to browse and choose. Relax, enjoy the experience, and let yourselves get excited. If you approach it with the right frame of mind, ring shopping can get your marriage off to a fun and optimistic start.


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Non-marking castor

The flooring of warehouses and industrial facilities are usually strewn by ugly marks of unsafe deposits left behind by heavy equipment and machineries operating to and fro the floor area. Harmful cleaning products made use of in prior times to lift these stubborn marks are now substituted by solvents that are presumed to be more environment-friendly. These types of solvents are applied to the surface using scrubbers mounted on small business internet marketing. Subsequently, the surface area throughout these work environments have become cleaner and at the same time, the ecological considerations concerning the method by which these kind of areas are cleaned have been cut down.


To make certain that the scrubbers is not going to leave behind the very same messy floor marks left by the paths of heavy machineries employed in these warehouses or production facilities, the castors which they’re mounted on are covered with a specialised modern-technology rubber material castor wheels. Non-marking castor wheels normally come in blue or grey for differentiation from the standard black-coloured typical castor wheels.


The whole floor-cleaning system is made up of a scrubber, which sprays the floor with the cleansing solvent then scrubs the marks off, and a rolling vacuum that cleans up all of the deposits taken off by the scrubber. The two equipment are installed on non-marking castor wheels. The result of the duo is a mark-free and thoroughly clean floor surface area.


The success of this floor-cleaning system in warehouses and industrial facilities has impressed several maintenance companies to produce their very own system that also uses non-marking castor wheels. The first model of their “improved” technology was developed in The late nineties. It consists of a cleaning unit that uses high-pressure water to clear the runways from debris and other unsightly marks. The castors used in these kinds of cleaning units have been designed to resist the tough environmental circumstance in airports. As of now, they employ cast iron covered by polyurethane to build heavy-duty non-marking castor wheels.